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Butterfly Garden
2016-02-24 | 0 Diamond[s]
These photos were taken last Jan 3, 2016. 

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hailstorm in dubai ⛈
2016-02-17 | 0 Diamond[s]
언녕허세요! It has been ages since my last post 😩😩😩 and it feels like I got so busy most of the time that I didn't have any spare time to post something. So for my comeback, I decided that the best thing to blog about is the current weather update here in Dubai, UAE 🇦🇪. 

I am on evening shift today and my bus pick up is at 1630. While walking to my bus stop I noticed the gloomy clouds above me. There was even lightning and thunder ⛈ which scared me a bit. 

It began raining a few minutes after I got inside the bus (thank God I didn't get wet). At first it was just drizzling but once we reached Al Kabayl it began raining hard and I noticed some tiny ice particles as well. Few more minutes hailstorm began and it was making too much noise on the bus roof. I was honestly scared coz the risk for getting into an accident is high but thank goodness our bus driver was very careful. On some parts of the street where there were grass, it actually looked like snow due to the amount of ice on it. 

When we got to downtown Dubai, it wasn't raining at all. It was even sunny when we reached the airport but the wind was still a bit cold. 

I wanted to take more photos but it wouldn't be clear because my window was drenched with water. 

What's in my bag?
2015-09-17 | 0 Diamond[s]
I haven't done this for a very long time~ 

So basically, I need money or my NOL card whenever I go out so these essentials are always on stand by inside my bag. If I decide to carry a smaller bag, I leave my wallet behind and carry only my coin purse and card holder with me. 

I recently bought a power bank for the reason that my iphone's battery is draining faster then the normal ones. Ofcourse, I brought along my phone cord/cable as well (not in the picture as I'm charging my mobile atm) and the power bank's cable too. My headphones are also very important to me as I like to listen to music especially when travelling for hours. 

My pencil case or in this case my pen case. I also put my rosary box inside to save some space inside my bag. 

I'm a newbie at Emirates Group so I'm supposed to read their guidelines and protocol in relation to the job or position I have. I don't want to carry around with me their 143-page notes so I downloaded the document instead on my Kindle so it would be handy. 

For the obvious reason that I live in the middle east. 

My sunnies for the protection of my eyes and my phone. (iPhone 5S not in the picture because I used it for taking the pic)

These are all kept in the small red pouch: my passport and visa, post it notes, house keys, toothbrush, comb, lint remover, metro guide, and some scratch papers i cut out and bind together. 

If my bag is a little big, I carry around my Love More book however if it's only a smaller one, I only bring my rosary and prayer guide. 

Lastly, these babies! 😉 these are all placed in a red purse. Sometimes, when i carry a smaller bag, i only bring along one lipstick, my pressed powder and body mist. As you can see, I have four different types of eyeliner and these are used differently depending on my mood. 

So, that's everything I got inside my bag. What's inside your? 


The Kish Diaries
2015-09-16 | 0 Diamond[s]
In UAE in order to change your visa status you need to either pay the stamping fee at the immigration office or exit another neighboring country. In my case, I chose the second option since the first one wasn't applicable to my visa.

Kish Island is a small resort island located in the Persian Gulf and is part of the Hormozgan Province of Iran. It serves as an exit place for UAE expats for so many years now. For this reason, people have thought that the improvement seen on the island was due to the high income they received from the expats staying there. This is also where I went to when I had my visa status changed twice.

The first time I went there was during the last week of April, 2013. I stayed there for 13 days in Farabi Hotel  before I received my new visa (employment visa) from my new job (EIH). My stay there was memorable. I didn't only experienced new things but I also met new friends. I was able to view a glimpse of Iran's culture and history through the Kish tour that was offered by one of the Kabayans conducted.

Kish's Rial would make you feel like a millionaire due to the number of zeroes it got

The wishing tree located at the Green Tree Complex, which was built around one of the island's oldest lure trees. This is around 600 years old and was believed that it stood still after a strong tsunami hit the island years ago. It's an old fig tree and locals believed it could make your wishes come true so they tie some paper rolls or stings to the branches before making their wishes. 

My roommates in room 161 and I infront of the wishing tree. 
Taken at the entrance of Kish's Traditional Water Reservoir. Drinking water is somehow limited in the island years ago, so the indigenous people resorted to different methods of collecting water and this remnant attest to this fact. 
Visiting the inside of their old reservoir. 

The Mysterious Greek Ship
"In the west of the island, a massive ship has landed in the azure waters on the shores of Kish, which is known as the Greek Ship. On a hot summer's day, Kish natives saw a massive ship which had run aground near Baqou village with great astonishment. With the passing of years, the reason for the ship running aground remains behind a haze of obscurity. The ship was built by the William Hamilton Company in 1943, weighing 7061 tonnes and measuring 136 metres in length in Glasgow – Scotland. On July 26th, 1966, when returning to Greece form Iran, the ship ran aground at latitude 20º 26' N and longitude 54º 53' E. The Dutch tugboat, Orinoko, spent 80 days in vain trying to pull the ship out. Many failed attempts were made to free it, but the passengers were finally forced to abandon ship, because it was not financially feasible to move it. Information obtained from Lloyds of London insurance company show that the ship flew a Greek flag and was called Kolaof at the time. The ship's first name was "The Emperor's Horn", then "Naturalist", and in the years 1959 to one year before its final anchorage, it was owned by the Iranian ship company and was called "Cyrus Fars" and "Hamedan". Watching the sun set slowly behind the Greek Ship in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf is an unforgettable and lasting memory."---source: gokish.com

Fast forward to my second visit to the said island, which was last June 2015. I left UAE for Kish again to get a new visit visa after being cancelled from EIH. I stayed there for a week before i finally got my new one month visit visa. Like last time, I stayed at Farabi Hotel because its accessible to almost everything especially to the Kish Air Office. I met and gained new set of friends and made new memorable memories with them. 

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SFC Al Ain Rocks
2014-12-25 | 0 Diamond[s]
Last night, we celebrated our Christmas Party with the theme Rock n' Roll at Foodworld Restaurant here in Al Ain. We partied like real rakistas with our get ups and it was super duper fun. 

Here are some photos i stole from my brothers and sisters in Christ from last night's event. 

Im one of the boys~ 

From our production number "Use Somebody"... "Somebody" aka the ladder. ㅋㅋㅋ

With household sisters Pau and She...

Feeling pretty with Pretty Rheyang at the photobooth

Rakistas all the way~ 

One rocking party. One big family. One goal. One Christ! 

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Merriest Christmas!

I celebrated the birth of Jesus yesterday with my SFC family~ So far, this has been the Merriest Christmas i've had since i was away from my family. It was a small gathering but it was super fun and the best! 

Team gray with Jose and Bryx

Team Red~

Team Green

Group 1~ as losers ㅋㅋㅋ
Group 2 as winners~


Black and White
2014-10-18 | 0 Diamond[s]

I have this friend from my SFC community whose very talented in terms of photography. So when we had this presentation number during our dedication day yesterday in SFC, one of our "pasabog" during our dance performance is the video presentation showing our photos from when we had the photoshoot. 

Here are my photos which were shot last Oct. 15, 2014 at Jahili Park. 

Photo credits to bro Bryx for the awesome shots! 


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